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The only real estate development at Via Argentina with a high return on investment.


    Your apartment in More will give you multiple advantages: start generating profits from the moment of your purchase! Each of the amenities and its excellent location in the heart of Panama add value to your property.

    Two apartments in the same space to rent individually.

    Reach up to 7% capital gain from the time of your purchase.

    Annual appreciation of 2% on the value of your apartment.

    Rent your apartment and generate income of more than 1,200 USD monthly.


    Your Lock-Off apartment mode includes an extra room with bathroom, kitchen and separate entrance. Rent it and generate additional income!


    • Balcony 4.15 m2
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Dining room
    • Kitchen
    • Laundry area
    • 1 parking space
    • Lock off


    • Balcony 4.39 m2
    • 3 bedrooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Dining room
    • Kitchen
    • Laundry area
    • 1 parking space
    • Lock off

    Why invest in Panama?

    In the last decade, the growth of the Panamanian economy alone doubled the rest of the entire region economy. Thanks to this, it led the ranking of GDP per capita in Latin America in 2019.

    The 5th most democratic country in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to The Economist in its "Democracy Index".

    It’s known as the Hub of the Americas for its strategic global air, commercial, logistics, financial and maritime location.

    It has special economic zones such as Ciudad del Saber, Panama Pacifico, and Zona Libre de Colón where there are great tax benefits.

    Through the agreement of “Países Amigos”, which translates to “friendly countries”, investors can access a quick visa to start a new business, or buy an existing business, and enjoy the benefits of the national banking system. For more information, click here.

    What is the outlook for Panama in the pandemic context?

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    What is the outlook for Panama in the pandemic context?

    According to the World Bank, before the impact of the pandemic, they were among the fastest growing economies in GDP globally, averaging 4.6% annually in the last five years.

    The risk rating agencies decided to keep Panama on the select list of countries that have an investment grade risk rating, despite the economic impact of the pandemic.

    • In the case of S&P, Panama's rating was BBB +
    • Moody's placed it at Baa1

    In both cases, the country is maintained with one of the highest ratings in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The only difference that exists today between Panamanian and foreign investors is that while the former must pay up to 10% of the initial fee of the property, the latter must deliver 30%.

    In Panama, the free currency is the US dollar, which generates a lot of stability in terms of monetary policy.

    Inflation has remained stable and with very low growth in the last 40 years, never exceeding 2% per year.


    Via Argentina is an area recognized for its wide gastronomic and entertainment offer. It is a meeting point for students and families.

      • Close to the main universities in the country.
      • Easy access routes and proximity to Metro Line 1.
      • Supermarket chains, pharmacies and commercial establishments.
      • Veterinary and parks to walk your pet.

    In addition, theArgentina renovation plan, with an investment of 26.2 million USD, will add value to your apartment due to the great infrastructure in the area. For example:

      • Video surveillance system
      • Public wi-fi network
      • Green areas
      • Parking lots
      • Sport zones
      • Urban furniture

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